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FMA was founded in 2002 with the expectation to provide insight into positive change in raising the level of conscious in the lives of individuals that keep coming back to prison, the hope of deterring individuals from a life of crime which no doubt would lead them into the prison system, to focus on our youth who may be in danger of making wrong decisions in their lives which may lead to prison or even death and to bring an awareness to those that may not be sympathetic to the problems, challenges and needs that are faced by many individuals in the system that a need for compassion, rehabilitation and resources are a necessity to effectively change the lives of individuals who have been affected by the California Penal System.

Our Mission is to introduce books that promote positive change, self and educational awareness, compassion, effective discipline and a commitment to the betterment of self through the understanding that change starts with a solid foundation centered in God.

Our Vision is to layout a foundation through our books for growth and development, inspiration and too discover that salvation comes from Jesus Christ and that walking daily in the power of God through the Holy Spirit will effectively change lives.

FMA newest title; TIME ON THE INSIDE, Behind The Walls In A Maximum Security Women's Prison, From An Insiders View, by Donna Ann Smith-Marshall brings focus and awareness with the specific aim of sharing the day to day experiences of what occurs in a women's prison and the desperate need for change and rehabilitation behind the walls and upon release.

FMA will release other titles devoted to the awareness of grueling conditions that women face in prison, the injustice of battered women prisoners, women on death row and inspirational books that will promote the mission and vision of FMA.

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Time on the Inside

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